Scottish Renewables Annual Conference: Scotland’s Energy Evolution

Starts: 21 March Ends: 22 March

  • Location
    Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa, EH3 9SR

    The Scottish Renewables Annual Conference: Scotland’s Energy Evolution will look at the new Energy Strategy for Scotland, changes to the Feed0in Tariff in Renewable Heat Incentive and the closure of the Renewable Obligation, the next allocation round for CfD, an industrial strategy and the publishing of climate change plans, as well as further clarity on the emerging shape of Britain’s likely exit from the EU – and what all this means for the sector.

    Programme Overview:

    Day One of the conference will feature an afternoon of high-level presentations from national and international speakers on the key factors that will define the next chapter for Scotland’s energy evolution:
    • Evolving ambitions
    • Evolving challenges
    • Evolving technology
    • Evolving markets
    • Evolving businesses

    The day will conclude with a reception and networking buffet dinner in the conference venue.

    Day Two will delve deeper into the overarching themes explored on Day One to debate what Scotland’s energy evolution means for the growth of renewable heat, power and transport.

    Delegates will hear from some of the most influential decision makers and industry players who are seizing opportunities to drive the low-carbon energy transition, and ask:

    • How are governments at all levels planning to meet the ever-changing climate ambitions while making use of more devolved powers at UK, Scottish and local levels?
    • What are renewables businesses doing now to adapt to and capitalise on the move to a more flexible, smart, integrated and decentralised energy system?
    • And how can the industry secure viable routes to market and develop new business models to ensure the continued growth of renewable energy in Scotland?

    Speakers from across all areas of the industry will discuss these questions and more to inform the next stage of Scotland’s energy evolution.

    Full details of the programme and speakers can be found on the conference website

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